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The activated sludge process is commonly used for organic treatment around the world. However, some highly-concentrated wastewater cannot be treated through an activated sludge process, which is reliant on microorganisms. If wastewater cannot be treated, it ends up being discharged into rivers and oceans, even though it is understood to be illegal. In order to solve these problems, we needed to consider new treatment methods. Our CM system is a processing method that focuses on the low molecular weight of enzymes. This system decomposes organic matter into cell membranes, cutting it like a pair of scissors, and eventually converting it into CO2 and water. This scientific process differs from microbial treatment in that it is less susceptible to concentrations, which makes it possible to treat even highly-concentrated wastewater. In addition to breaking down and deodorizing odors, the CM system can also reduce sludge by 70% to 90% by decomposing microorganisms that have died out in the system. Most of the sludge discharged from the CM system is inorganic and can be dried in the sun or reused. If sludge is not incinerated with fossil fuels, no CO2 will be produced. This is a new treatment method that can simultaneously solve the issue of water contamination and treatment issues that cities face, such as water contamination and odors.




We are now facing disruptive changes that we have never experienced before, such as global warming, a declining birthrate and aging population resulting in the decrease of the working population in Japan, the exponential progression of digitization. In the midst of these great changes, Nippon Steel Engineering Group is committed to seriously considering what we can do and what kind of value we can create as an integrated provider of engineering and construction solutions. In addition to the SDGs and COP 21 (the Paris Agreement), our mission shall be to build social and industrial infrastructures that are safe, secure and sustainable. As an engineering company with roots in steelmaking technology development, we will keep on delivering optimal solutions for our clients with our three strategic business sectors: Environment & Energy Solution, Building & Infrastructure and Plant & Machinery.

今、世界は大きな変化の中にいます。地球温暖化問題、日本社会の少子高齢化・働き手不足、デジタル化の幾何級数的な進展、我々がこれまで経験したことのない大きな変化が我々を待っています。しかしながら、こうした変化は、「既に起こっている未来」であり、避けることの出来ないものです。 日鉄エンジニアリンググループは、こうした変化の中で、改めて何が出来るか、どのような価値を生み出せるかを真剣に考えていきます。国連SDGsやCOP21・パリ協定に言及するまでもなく、安心・安全で持続可能な社会・産業インフラの構築こそ、私どもに課せられた使命です。製鉄をルーツに持つエンジニアリング会社として、環境・エネルギー、都市インフラ、製鉄プラントの3つの戦略セクターで、お客様と共に考え、お客様が変化に対応するための解決策を、これからもご提供し続けたいと考えております。 私たちは、一歩先を行く技術とアイデアで皆様のお役に立てるプロフェッショナル集団であり続けます。


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